I‘m here to help you with your writing. Let’s work together to finish (or start) that FILL IN THE BLANK that you’ve always wanted to write.

If you would like support with your writing, whether you want to start writing or you are in the middle of a project or have an idea and you don’t know how to begin. Please reach out. Let’s have a conversation and see if I’m your person.


I’m here to help!


Carolyn Ziel is a writing coach, writer, poet and an entrepreneur.

She lives a creative life by design and teaches others to do the same using the powerful tools of language and writing. She creates a supportive and safe environment for her clients and guides them with humor, compassion, creativity and a bit of magic to find their most authentic voice.

After the double-handed Malibu & Return Race (3rd Place)

Celebrating 3rd Place after the Malibu/Return Race on Aloha!!!

She will help you to approach the blank page with courage and an open heart. No matter where you are in your writing process, Carolyn can help you.

She is a regular contributor for Arianna Huffington’s Thirve Global. Prior to that she was a contributor to The Huffington Post. Her work has appeared in such journals as Diverse Voices Quarterly, CRATE Literary Journal, Cultural Weekly, The Elephant Journal, The Los Angeles Review of Los AngelesEdgar Allen Poet, ONTHEBUS and FR&D.

You can find her collection of poetry, as simple as that on Amazon she is currently working on several projects including a novel.

She and her husband live with their three cats in Torrance and if you can’t find them there, they’re probably off for a sail.