a little ditty

I’m walking around Wilson Park
I’m on my 3rd lap
I’m on mile three
My mind is moving faster than my feet

The election
The biting words
Cutting sharp blood letting
The planet
The hurricane and global warming
The ducks in the pond
I wish I had bread to feed them now that they’re back
How did they know
The pond was filled in again with clean water for them
Carrier Pigeon?

… little ditty about Jack and Diane
John Mellencamp sings in my ear

I’m sitting on the carpet in the corner of my bedroom in my on-campus apartment at Muir College at UCSD
I’m leaning against the cement wall
Natalie is leaning up against the window ledge
We’re just back from summer break
Natalie lost 20 pounds
All she eats now is wheat thins, tomatoes, cream cheese and canned green beans
Del Monte French cut green beans
There’s an open can on the floor next to the ashtray
A fork piercing the beans, standing straight up in its center

Our cigarette smoke curls toward the open window
Two open pink cans of Tab rest on the stack of books on the floor
at our feet
We’re talking about the Teds
Big Ted and Little Ted
Little Ted is my boyfriend
Big Ted is the boy we both have a crush on
Big Ted with his round dark eyes
Floppy brown auburn hair
Soft smile
White teeth
Full lips
Big Ted  more than just
Strong beautiful hands and good looks
Big Ted has conviction

  The sun shimmers in-between the leaves of the eucalyptus trees
we’re looking out toward the ocean
we know it’s there
through the trees on the other side of North Torrey Pines
we smell it
feel it
breathe it in
underneath deep inhales of our Marlboro Lights
 and thoughts of what it might be like to kiss Big Ted

 …oh yeah life goes on..

 it does go on
and on
and on
and on

I stop walking
green grass
green feathers on the male ducks

The olive green shag carpet in my dorm room
Natalie me and the ocean
the green can of green beans
the green plastic handle of the fork sticking straight out of the can
piercing the flesh of the beans
asparagus green
pine lime sea green
fern forest and olive drab green
and the sun
Slipping in and out of all that green
Keeping us warm
On a cool afternoon

…long after the thrill of living is gone…

being by the ocean
listening to music
away from home
and the Teds

simple thrills

and all that dorm room green