Whale Waiting



I knew instantly.  I saw the boats floating

off of Avenue C, near the Redondo trench.

I parked my car in front of the cream building

with the Spanish tile roof.  The building I lived in

when I was thirty.  The building Mike Lasher

helped me move into and then christen.

The building with my studio apartment that

over looked the Redondo trench.  I’d go to sleep at

night dreaming of oceans and waves and salt.

I parked underneath the window I used to

look out of onto the exact spot

where the boats gathered for church this morning.

I walked across the street and sat on the wall.

I waited.  Three sailboats, two fishing skiffs, one

motor yacht, several kayakers and two stand up paddle

boarders waited too.  Bobbing on the water moving

with the shifts in current. Waiting.  Two grays areIMG00013-20100912-1112_2

taking a break, having a snack, before they continue

their migration.  They are stars here.

If we could, we’d ask for autographs. The boats move

together in circles toward the shifting colors and spouts

following the whales like the paparazzi.  I saw the dolphins

surfing in the small waves. They are much more popular

when the whales  are off swimming on another coast.