Big Magic: Adventures In Writing


Are you ready for some
Big Magic: Adventures in Writing? 


Starting January 15, 2018

Big Magic: Adventures in Writing***
A Six Week Writing Workshop
To Literally Breathe into your creative Life!

Inspire: to breathe life into, to infuse, to draw forth

A Six-Week Writing Workshop that will lead you into the adventure of living your most inspired and creative life.

To Breathe Into Your Life like a breath of fresh air means to: Turn toward your creative life force.
Infuse your life with imagination.
Draw forth your innate talents.
Live your most original and innovative life.

I will lead you on an adventure in writing and into your wild self, your dark self your passionate and your most creative, inspired self On this adventure, we’ll explore a different topic through writing and discussion:

Courage—What does it mean to breathe into your life and why it takes courage
Enchantment—Inspiration and enchantment: how do you Breathe Into Your Life
Permission—How to get out of your own way.
Persistence— Easy ways to practice persistence.
Trust—How, What, Where, When, Why
Divinity—The magic of it all.

The only prerequisite for this course is your open mind and heart. Whether you are a writer or not, isn’t the point of this course (all are welcome).

This will be an adventure in the best sense of the word: Exciting and Remarkable.

You will leave with tools to improve your writing and the ability to look at your life through a more inspired lens. If you are currently working on a project, these writing techniques will be helpful.

You don’t have to have a current project. Bring your open heart and mind and join me for this rich and exciting exploration into the heart and soul of your life. It’s going to be a lot fun. I am so looking forward to seeing you and sharing this with you!

“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.”** I look forward to helping you find yours!



We will meet Thursday evenings at 7:30. Each week I will cover a different topic, writing technique, subject and there will be time for writing, discussion and more. This will be a place for all levels to come and feel welcomed and to write. To take time for their creative selves and learn something new while either starting a new project, working on an ongoing project, or just coming to write. Maybe you’re one of those people that need some accountability and support, come each week and I’ll give you an assignment!


If you want more information or have interest and want to register early to ensure your spot: Give me a call, 310-618-0441 or you can register by clicking this link
or send me an email: 

**Liz Gilbert, from her book Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear